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Synergetic Media Goes Live At TurningPoint’s The Pink Affair

March 30, 2019

What happens when you bring together a Phenomenal Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Breast Cancer Survivorship with Atlanta’s Leading Print and Media Design Agency? A Truly “Live” Streaming Event Of Course!

On March 23, 2019, over 500 guests joined together to recognize and celebrate TurningPoint Breast Cancer Rehabilitation, a local 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting breast cancer survivors in critical aftercare and rehabilitation. TurningPoint’s The Pink Affair is an annual event, which brings together some of Atlanta’s most prominent philanthropists, community leaders, healthcare providers, and corporate executives as well as key TurningPoint staff and patients for a night of education, empowerment and fundraising. Synergetic Media was excited to be a provider of marketing support and a sponsor for this momentous event!

One of the greatest highlights for Synergetic was not only the opportunity to contribute our creative expertise to the marketing collateral of The Pink Affair, but we got to bring the whole decked out, pink event to life, live to viewers everywhere!

See our the live stream HERE.

Live Streaming Goes Pink!

Synergetic Media was thrilled to support this event with our newest, most dynamic service offering on the colorful SM palate, Live Streaming!

“The live video streaming market is estimated to grow from $30.29 billion in 2016 to more than $70 billion by 2021. (PR Newswire)”

Offering a new vision of live streaming, we mean business from the moment we arrive. Our expert video production team always strives to deliver what our competition can’t. Our live stream service begins with a professional setup; we never use a cell phone or free software.

The setup includes professional grade audio, camera, lighting-equipment, and a dedicated hardware signal converter so the audience feels like they are really at the event! What we deliver is a clear picture, with crisp audio and glitch-free streaming.

For Example…

While TurningPoint’s The Pink Affair was alive with vibrant excitement, complete with a band and so much loud, ambient noise that you could not hear the interview from about 4 feet away, our team had it all under control. Our cameraman, Lade, used his knowledgeable expertise, which resulted in crystal clear audio; you would have never known that there was such an “off the hook” affair going on.

The Synergetic team then brought in our top of the line lighting equipment, to add the perfect amount of extra lighting that made every pink outfit stand out in amazing color. Last, Lade worked with the framing of interviewer, 11Alive news anchor, Kaitlyn Ross and the interviewees to deliver one of the best professionally produced Live Streams anywhere.

Fun Factoid…

11Alive and Synergetic Media share some synergy. 11Alive news anchor, Kaitlyn Ross was the interviewer for the TurningPoint The Pink Affair’ Livestream. My stepfather was Ron Becker, former 11Alive news anchor. In addition, SCAD Atlanta’s Digital Media Center, where I once taught is the old WSB-TV building, which housed the 11Alive team. It’s cool when it all comes together for a bit of nostalgia.

Let Synergetic Media Make Your Event Go Live To A Whole New Audience

Whether it is a corporate event, non-profit fundraiser or large-scale promotional show, Synergetic Media has the team, tools and experience to make your event go live in a BIG way. Synergistically we bring together creative marketing strategies, years of professional experience along with the dynamic skills of commercial printing, graphic design and video production to deliver multi-platform marketing services that make your event unforgettable. And, now with our new Live Streaming Service, we can bring a whole new audience to your event.

Ready to bring some synergy to your company marketing? Contact Us Now or Call Us at: (770) 992-2832. Us at:Remember Left Brain + RIGHT BRAIN = All Business!

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