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Tips for a Rebrand Using Graphic Design

Tips for a Rebrand Using Graphic Design

Successfully Revamping Your Company’s Branding

The McDonald’s arches. NBC’s peacock. Disney’s signature typeface. Nike’s swoosh.

The list can go on and on, but these iconic logos are engraved into everyone’s memories. The colors, slogans, jingles—they are so memorable and are probably the first thing that comes to mind when we think of a company. You could say branding is the unsung hero of so many businesses.

If your company is about to go through a rebrand, we want you to nail it. Here are our recommendations on what to focus on during your rebrand.

What to Consider When Rebranding

1. Consider How and Why

Your brand is essentially your company’s identity. When considering a rebrand, thoughtfully brainstorm what some of your goals are. It’s constructive during this phase to play devil’s advocate and really challenge your company as to why you’re rebranding.

Be mindful of your company’s vision and mission and how this rebrand coincides with that. Think of reasons why a rebrand will be beneficial for you—new locations, new services, and so on. This process is key in getting the best results.  

2. Touchup or Overhaul?

When rebranding, carefully consider what needs to be adjusted and what should stay the same. In a rebrand, companies usually carry over a lot of their brand’s identity while just refreshing some aspects.

We all know how important brand recognition is; rebranding could either hurt or help your brand recognition, with the latter of course being the goal. This is why it’s very important to thoughtfully consider how drastic this rebrand will be. A new slogan, touched up branding, and improved identity will go a long way.

3. Brand Identity

A successful rebrand is one that has staying power. A great way to make that happen is by creating a brand guide. A brand guide is made as a reference to ensure all collateral and media your company releases is consistent with your brand, clearly and accurately communicating the standards you’ve set for your brand. This document lays out what visual elements to use (fonts, colors, etc.), approved messaging (slogans, mottos, mission statement), and also explains the thought-out reasoning behind different aspects of your branding.

4. Colors Matter

An easily overlooked part of the rebranding process is the color palate. It’s tempting to choose a few colors you really like or ones that go well together. While that may be a good starting point, did you know that different colors represent different meanings? For example, blue represents trust and dependability whereas red is exciting and bold. Understand the values of your company and what colors will best reflect that.

Orange: Friendly, Cheerful
Examples: Nike, Nickelodeon, Amazon

Red: Bold, Exciting
Examples: Coca-Cola, Nintendo, Target

Purple: Creative, Imaginative
Examples: Yahoo!, T-Mobile, Hallmark

Blue: Trustworthy, Dependable
Examples: American Express, Lowe’s, Dell

Green: Peaceful, Growth
Examples: Starbucks, Whole Foods, Publix

Grey: Balance, Calm
Examples: Apple, Honda, Wikipedia

5. The Biggie: Your Logo

How important your logo is cannot be overstated. It could be the first impression many have of your brand, and it definitely leaves a lasting impression. Your logo has to say something—it needs to stand out. Be intentional that your logo matches your brand aesthetically but also in tone. Logos should be designed with a long-term plan in mind.

All that said, it takes a lot of work to design a logo that perfectly fits your brand and resonates with your audience. Generally speaking, less is more when it comes to designing a logo, but that doesn’t always mean “play it safe.” Think of some of the world’s biggest brands—Google, Amazon, Apple, and so on. While those designs are relatively simple, that doesn’t mean they’re basic. A professional graphic designer knows how what will draw attention and how to craftily condense a snapshot of your company into a logo.

The lesson here: Graphic design can make a world of difference when rebranding.

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